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NOTE: All sector pages are under continuing development and will be further updated as time permits.  Individual sector pages contain links to local, state, federal and international information relevant to the particular industry sector.  Please see "A Word About Sectors" below and the following links which provide connections to information on various sectors.

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A Word About Sectors


Sectors are becoming the backbone of environmental regulations and information dissemination...

"Industry Sectors" --  e.g. Chemical Preparations, Coal Fired Utilities, Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs), Industrial Organic Chemicals, Iron and Steel, Petroleum Refining and Primary Nonferrous Metals, Metal Services.  These are the 8 sectors for which EPA has a current strategy.  Additional sectors are being added
rapidly and the EPA (as well as state & international programs) entire regulatory strategy is heading toward the "sector approach".  

EcoBizport will develop a strong linkage between information and resources available on an industry sector basis.  

In February 1998, EPA Administrator Browner asked the Agency's senior management to work with the Common Sense Initiative (CSI) Council to build on CSI's experiences and establish a plan for integrating sector work into Agency core functions. In the Fall 1998, the FY 99 Sector-Based Action Plan was endorsed by the CSI Council and approved by EPA management. The FY 99 Sector-Based Action Plan laid out actions that not only capitalize on the CSI experience, but also ensured that sector-based environmental protection efforts would continue to be incorporated into the way EPA does business.

The FY 2000 Sector Action Plan was prepared under the leadership of the Office of Policy and Reinvention with input from an internal EPA sector workgroup and an external stakeholder group, the National Advisory Council for Environmental Policy and Technology (NACEPT) Standing Committee on Sectors. The FY 2000 Plan builds on the information and projects in the FY 99 Action Plan. Both the FY 99 and 2000 plans promote a three part Agency strategy for (1) integrating sector-based approaches into Agency core functions; (2) ensuring the Agency has the internal capacity to develop and implement sector activities; and (3) involving external stakeholders in sector-based activities. The FY 2000 Plan is intended to carry the sector work presented in the FY 99 Plan to the next phase of integration within the Agency. The FY 2000 Acton Plans is available at: http://www.epa.gov/sectors/pubs.html#sector

EPA's Sector Strategies Program seeks industry-wide environmental gains through innovative actions taken with a number of manufacturing and service sectors. The Office of Policy, Economics and Innovation (OPEI) works with participating trade associations, EPA programs and regions, states, and other groups to find sensible solutions to sector-specific problems. The Program was established in June of 2003.

On June 2, 2003 in Washington, D.C., then-Administrator Whitman announced the new Sectors Strategies Program at the New Sector Welcome Event. The Sector Strategies Program is being established by EPA’s Office of Policy, Economics and Innovation to develop understanding and new ideas in environmental management.

Administrator Whitman thanked the industry partners "for your leadership and willingness to be a part of this innovative program. Through your efforts, you are not only setting an important example within your own sectors, but for the business community as a whole." Full text of her speech

The Sector Strategies Connector is a means to keep persons informed about the Sector Strategies Program. Over time, EPA wants the Connector to be a venue for others to share information as well.

Sector Strategies Connector

Access U.S. EPA's 2006 Sector Strategies Performance Report

Access UN Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) 30 industry sectors, Report Cards (click here)

Access links to EPA's Sector Compliance Assistance Centers (click here)

Access U.S. EPA's 2004 Sector Strategies Performance Report


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