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"We have completely discontinued our subscription to the Federal Register and rely on your service. Paperless is clearly the way to do things. You have been a bit ahead of your time." --Hazardous Waste Management Consultant

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Why REGTrak?


WIMS has launched a new and faster way to track the daily environmentally-related Federal Register announcements. You can receive the report with links to the full text of each announcement (pdf & html) by 8:00 AM each business day for just $139 per year. With just a glance (a matter of seconds), you can start your day by knowing what important rules, proposed rules, notices and meetings were published; and don't be caught short when you client asks: "Has that been published in the Federal Register?"

Every morning we put the Daily REGTrak Bulletin in your Email inbox. It lists all of the nationally applicable environmental announcements from U.S. EPA and other agencies. Each listing is coded to allow you to immediately assess the issue category; the type of announcement; the publishing agency; what the announcement covers; and the links to the full text in pdf and html formats -- Everything you need to quickly assess whether the announcement is important to you.

Federal Register Tracking: $139 v. $929 (which one is for you?)
REGTrak subscribers receive a complete listing of nationwide environmentally-related announcements from U.S. EPA and other agencies and direct links to the full-text of each announcement (pdf & html)around 7:00 - 8:00 AM each day for just $139.00 per year. Or, you can purchase a subscription directly from the Government Printing Office and search it and index it yourself every day for just $929.00 (or $1,300.60 outside the U.S.) (click here) -- think about it!


Time To Get Serious

Let's face it, if you're serious about environmental management, you have to know what's in the Federal Register -- you and your clients demand it. There are several ways you can find out what's in the Federal Register: 

  • There are a number of pricey newsletters that will attempt to interpret what they think is in the Federal Register;
  • You can buy a hardcopy subscription to the Federal Register ($929.00/year, (click here);
  • You can check the GPO or EPA websites daily and review announcements on-line;
  • You can subscribe to RSS feeds for various agencies;
  • Or, You can subscribe to REGTrak and make your life a whole lot easier.


REGTrak is designed to save you time and allow you to obtain the information you need by the fastest possible means. You receive your Daily REGTrak Bulletin usually between 7-8 AM ET every working day. Unless you spend the same amount of time as we do every morning reviewing and analyzing  the daily Federal Register, you cannot get the information any faster.  

Because of our issue index and unique coding systems you can immediately, within seconds, determine if there are announcements that you deem to be critical or timely. There is no other government or private Federal Register tracking service that can make this claim.

Our Daily REGTrak Bulletin is contained in one single, brief, email message.  The document will open in seconds and immediately allow you to review the entire daily index. You will not have to waste your time searching, downloading, opening, reviewing and assessing many individual messages to find the ones you really need.


REGTrak is available for just $139/year. Obviously, the service is far cheaper than the $929 per year direct subscription cost from the Government Printing Office.  But, more importantly, when you consider the enormous time savings that REGTrak offers, it becomes much cheaper than other sources or direct Internet access. We estimate that the average technician or administrative personnel will spend at least $7,500 per year accessing, sorting, assessing and reviewing Federal Register announcements just getting them ready for top level executive review. We believe REGTrak can eliminate 80-90 percent of this cost. Thus, at a minimum this service should save you several thousands of dollars per year over any other method of tracking the Federal Register.


We have been providing tracking and electronic delivery of environmental Federal Register announcements since 1994 when they first became available. We have been providing the daily REGTrak subscription service since 1996. During this time we have experienced nearly a 100% renewal rate from our subscriber base. 

Who Subscribes To REGTrak?

Our subscriber base includes primarily major environmental law firms, Fortune 500 EH&S/ISO 14001 managers, large and small environmental consultants, TSDF operators, and local government officials.

Daily REGTrak is also available to associations and organizations for redistribution to your members on your own Listserv, distribution list, or we'll send it directly at a reduced group rate. If you would like to implement an association program or need additional information on association services, Email us at: info@ecobizport.com..

Major Credit Cards Accepted

IF YOU NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION, BEYOND THE FEDERAL REGISTER, YOU MAY BE INTERESTED IN OUR WIMS Daily or eNewsUSA SERVICES.  One Email Message, Each Business Day, Connecting you to the news and information you need. 





REGTrak Testimonials

"We will be renewing.  It is a very helpful service and a must for anyone serious about environmental law."
--Environmental Attorney

"We have completely discontinued our subscription to the Federal Register and rely on your service. Paperless is clearly the way to do things. You have been a bit ahead of your time."
--Hazardous Waste Management Consultant

"The best thing about the service is that it is easy to scan quickly and forward to other attorneys in the office, and it's harder to ignore an e-mail than it is to let a hard copy sit in the 'I'll get to it later' bin."
--Environmental Attorney

"We are utilizing the Federal Register (FR) notification service and have found it to be very useful... Our annual subscription to the FR is due in February. We are now deciding whether to keep it or drop it. It seems most consensus is to drop..."
--President, Full-Service Environmental Consulting Firm

"I use the excerpted, summarized FR announcements as a 'flag' to note things pending, requiring comment, becoming final, etc...  I would rather utilize a service such as you offer to help me screen things and find specific things as I need them.  More efficient, more effective."
--Environmental Manager Major Manufacturing Company

"I think it's great.  It gives us a heads up before the printed edition gets here."
--Environmental Legal Assistant, Major Environmental Law Firm

"...an easy way to view federal regulatory activity without having to read the Federal Register on a daily basis.  Further, it allows me to sort through the environment related notices and focus on only those I am
likely to have an interest in."
--Statewide Association Director

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