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News Highlights & Links

Latest U.S. EPA, Etc. Remediation News


More News Highlights & Links

  • Supreme Court To Hear CERCLA Liability Case - Jan 19, 2007: Access a Medill News Service summary of the action (click here). Access the U.S. Supreme Court Docket for the case (click here). Access the Eight Circuit opinion (click here).
  • Dingell Requests Clarification On CERCLA Liability Issues  - Oct 23, 2006: Click on the title for access an eNewsUSA Blog post with details and links to further information
  • 8th Circuit Joins 2nd Circuit On CERCLA Suits - August 14, 2006: Click on the title for access an eNewsUSA Blog post with details and links to further information
  • First Ever Non-Liable Private Party Superfund Cleanup Proposed - Jun 2, 2006: Access an EPA Region 6 release with links to further information (click here). 
  • EKAT (Environmental Knowledge and Assessment Tool) - May 30, 2006: Access the EKAT demo (click here, registration required).
  • Key OSWER Ground Water Guidances and Reports - May 30, 2006: Access the website (click here). 
  • U.S. v. E.I. DuPont - Dec 22: In the U.S. Court of Appeals, Third Circuit, Case No. 04-4546. Access the complete opinion (click here).
  • Boehlert Calls For Reinstatement Of Superfund Tax - Dec 12, 2005: Access a release (click here. Access legislative details for H.R. 4199 (click here).
  • House Hearing On Superfund Laws and Animal Agriculture - Nov 16, 2005: Access the hearing website and links to all testimony and an audio of the hearing (click here).
  • Hearing On Cleanup Of Nuclear Weapons Facilities - Nov 15, 2005: Access the hearing website for links to the opening statement and witness testimony (click here).
  • Attorney Questions All Appropriate Inquiries Benefit - Nov 4, 2005:  Access a release listing several specific concerns with the new rule (click here). Access an EPA release (click here). Access the final rule as published in the Federal Register (click here). Access EPA's website on the Rule with links to extensive information and background (click here). Access the EPA Docket for the Rule (click here).
  • Phytoremediation To Treat Persistent Organic Pollutants - Oct 25, 2005: Access the complete 49-page document (click here).
  • 25 Years Of Contaminated Land Management - Oct 25, 2005: Access links to the panel sessions (click here).
  • Latest November TechDirect Newsletter - Nov 2, 2005: Access links to the latest issue, archives and subscription information (click here).
  • GAO Report On Perchlorate Cleanup Issues - Oct 17, 2005: Access the letter on the report and ordering instructions (click here).
  • DOJ/EPA And GE Enter Hudson River PCB Cleanup Agreement - Oct 6, 2005: Access a length release with links to the Consent Decree, the ROD, the Intermediate Design Report for Phase 1, and EPA's Hudson River cleanup website (click here).
  • Options For Brownfields Investigation and Cleanup - Sep 29, 2005: Access the complete 170-page document (click here).



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