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We've been publishing Michigan Waste Report since 1981.  We are not lobbyists, activists, attorneys or consultants.  Our sole purpose is to provide you with comprehensive, timely and technically accurate information to assist you in carrying out your environmental management responsibilities.  We provide a straight forward, unbiased view of environmental activities in Michigan and national activities that impact Michigan managers.  Our editor is a graduate engineer and has previously been employed in the environmental profession and was instrumental in formulating many of the laws and regulations which provided the underpinnings of Michigan's current environmental regulatory structure. (Click here to view the Editor's resume)


Michigan Waste Report covers the full spectrum of environmental issues:  Air Pollution; Climate; Energy; Groundwater & Remediation; Drinking Water; Hazardous Waste; Pollution Prevention; Solid Waste; Tanks; Toxics; Water; and the Great Lakes. More and more these historically separate environmental issue areas are being looked at as one integrated unit -- the multi-media concept.  While the issues provide one dimension of the environmental management picture, the politics of environmental issues shape the final outcome.  From a practical standpoint the interaction of the Michigan Legislature with the Administration; combined with the actions of business, environmental, and trade organizations; with oversight and scrutiny by the Courts are the critical determinants that shape environmental policy.  Finally, Michigan is not an island.  Much of the State's environmental authority is delegated and closely controlled by U.S. EPA, the Federal Administration and Congress.  Michigan Waste Report provides the fullest possible coverage of the issues and politics of environmental management in the State.


With your Michigan Waste Report subscription you will get the sense that you are "wired" to the flow of environmental information from Lansing and around the State.  You receive 21 hardcopy issues of the MWR publication per year, and if you choose, daily news and information -- WIMS Daily (reduced rates for MWR subscribers).   You get the information you need when it happens.  We have perfected the art of monitoring the vast information sources available through conventional and electronic means and deliver that information to you in a concise format, with the details you need and the essential contact information and links so you can follow-up.


If you supplement your MWR subscription with WIMS Daily, you are noticed on a daily basis of each new environmental bill that is introduced in Michigan and the movement of bills that are currently active.  The notice includes a short description and active hyperlinks to information on the sponsor, full-text of the bill language, analysis and House and Senate journals. Until now this kind of service was only available at an extreme, and generally prohibitive cost for the average environmental manager.  Now it can be part of your Michigan Waste Report subscription if you supplement your subscription with WIMS Daily at a nominal additional charge.


Another critical element of environmental management is tracking the myriad of announcements concerning meetings, new information, and proposed and finalized regulations that are published daily in the Federal Register.  Michigan Waste Report has developed the most efficient and cost effective Federal Register notification system available anywhere.   While you can purchase the Federal Register (several hundred dollars) or access the information on the Internet (consider your time) we don't think you can do it for less than our MWR rate of $89 per year.  First-time subscribers get this valuable service at no additional charge until September 1, following their subscription start date.  For complete information on REGTrak (click here).


This service will definitely save you money.  A subscription to the Federal Register alone is several hundred dollars; not counting the hours it takes to review and manage it.  Daily tracking of Michigan environmental legislation can cost you a couple of thousand dollars a year.  And, once you try Michigan Waste Report-Plus E-mail (WIMS Daily & REGTrak) we think you'll soon discover that you don't need many of the other information sources you may be receiving.   Also, when you start receiving E-mail you will quickly realize the ease and efficiency of filing, searching, forwarding messages to others in your same office location and the quick access to the vast information resources we provide with just a mouse-click via active hyperlinks

                             Review A Current Issue of MWR (pdf)


Michigan Waste Report -- 21 issues per year hardcopy (18-20+ page format);
WIMS Daily & REGTrak may be added at a reduced rates.  

Email Edition only (PDF format,  no hardcopy available): $295 (total price, no Michigan sales tax required per Michigan Department of Treasury ruling).  Local Government and University rate: $250.  Nonprofit [501(c)(3)] rate: $200. 

Permission is granted to forward email within one office location (division in government). Permission may be granted to forward to additional offices upon payment of a redistribution fee.

WIMS Daily, regularly priced at $289, is available to MWR subscribers for $189.

REGTrak, regularly priced at $139, is available to MWR subscribers for $89. 

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Association Services

Michigan Waste Report Association Services - If you are involved with a Michigan association or sub-state association or organization you can provide Michigan Waste Report to your members at significantly reduced rates.  This service can help your association or organization gain new members, retain existing members and provide a valuable additional benefit to members. 

If requested, we will work with associations or organizations to prepare necessary information, documentation and proposals to potential funding sources to assist you in obtaining funding for various information services.  

Contact us for details (click here).

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