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WIMS - Waste Information & Management Services, Inc. - WIMS
Innovative Environmental Information Services Since 1980

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Quality, Timely, Environmental News & Information 

To Assist You In Regulatory Monitoring & Compliance

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We can save you time in managing your environmental information by delivering you a daily environmental briefing report that contains quick-scan summaries of the essential information you need with links to the full text source information. You can store the issues in email folders for quick searching and retrieval of information when you need it. If you need help finding information, just send us an email and we'll respond ASAP. You can also share the information with others in the same office location.  

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About eNewsUSA

Keeping on top of important environmental issues, regulatory and compliance information you need can be a difficult and time consuming task.  At the same time, you can't run your business or advise your clients based on second or third hand, or outdated information.  Most newsletters and media outlets fall short in providing you with the the sources, and getting directly to the heart of the information.  That's what we do -- we try to take you directly to the sources of the information and provide you with the contacts and connections you need.  And, we do it every business day; as the information, news and facts unfold.

We monitor hundreds of sources every day for new information -- U.S. EPA websites, other Federal and state agencies, trade associations and organizations, environmental listservs, the White House, Congress, the courts, the national media and more.  

Waste Information & Management Services, Inc. (WIMS) has been providing national and state environmental information Email services since since 1995 (when Email and the Internet were more of a novelty) and conventional hardcopy newsletter services since 1980.  We have perfected the art of monitoring news and information sources covering air, water, solid and hazardous waste, remediation, pollution control and prevention, sustainability and other environmental issues that consultants, facility and plant operators, attorneys and professional managers must monitor and keep track of.  

We have combined several of our tried and tested services to develop this daily electronic information service specifically designed to assist busy environmental managers, consultants and attorneys in meeting their responsibilities to stay current on environmental policy and regulatory development.  eNewsUSA is the national version of our popular WIMS Daily service that provides national, Michigan and MI legislative news to our Michigan subscribers.

Each business day, eNewsUSA delivers to you a concise summary of the days news, information and events.  You can quickly scan the day's list of activities and information and focus directly on the items of greatest interest to you.  Each featured item contains the active hyperlinks that take you directly to the source of the information.  No longer do you have to rely on second and third-hand accounts; or a reporters interpretation of what happened.  Sometimes, we do refer you to conventional news media coverage of important and timely events if other more direct sources are not available.  However, we carefully review such sources and try to direct you to the best and most informative articles.  Also, we attempt to follow-up with subsequent linkages to the direct sources as they become available.


Assisting In Your EMS Compliance Program

According to the Commission for Environmental Cooperation a company's ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) should, "specify procedures for anticipating changes to environmental requirements—including new requirements that may apply as a result of changes in operations—and incorporating these changes into the EMS... Environmental requirements include statutes, regulations, permits, enforceable agreements." 
[See "element #2 at:

Additionally, Part 4.3.2 of the ISO 14001 environmental standard requires:  "The organization shall establish and maintain a procedure to identify and have access to legal and other requirements to which the organization subscribes, that are applicable to the environmental aspects of its activities, products or services."

Providing a timely and reliable source for anticipating regulatory change is one of the reasons we developed eNewsUSA... Another reason is that we felt there was a need for a high quality, timely, and yet affordable environmental information service, that focuses less on politics, opinions and speculation; and more on the "nuts & bolts" of regulatory trends and guidance information and connects the user directly to the hard documentation they need.  So, if you need more facts and figures; and less editorial commentary -- eNewsUSA could be you answer. 

eNewsUSA will keep you up to date on major environmental policy issues, reports and guidance information, regulations and funding opportunities on a daily basis.  Our daily summary of events will link you directly to the news releases, the documents, the full-text regulations -- the actual source documents and contact  information you need for further follow-up.

If you are considering eNewsUSA as part of your EMS/ISO 14001 program, we suggest that you also consider our Daily REGTrak Federal Register tracking service (click here for details).


Free Trial Available

Now you can try the eNewsUSA  service, every business day, for one month, absolutely free and with no continuing obligation.  When your trial expires we'll give you the opportunity to continue receiving the daily service for an entire year for just US $239.     

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"It's the one publication I read all the time." - Consultant

A March 2007 Readership Survey, with a 40% return, has revealed the importance of the publication to the various readers which which include  consultants, attorneys, EH&S managers, State regulators, local government officials and TSD facility operators. 

Respondents were 95.8% in charge of, or interested in, multiple issue areas or cross media (air, water, haz waste, etc.) concerns. 91.7% like receiving this information on a daily basis. 95.8% like the format of the publication. Some 5.7 persons per office read the publication.

Considering all the various sources of environmental information, subscribers rated the importance of the WIMS publication as 8.0 on a scale of 1-10 (10 most important).

Also, subscribers said the overall bias of the publication was 5.4  (1 "very liberal" to 10 "very conservative"). 58.3% of subscribers save the publication and 95.8% think the article length is "about right."

Some subscribers include: Many environmental law firms, Dow Chemical Company, Ford Motor Company, Obrien & Gere, Pfizer Global Research & Development, Weston Solutions, Inc., SC Johnson, URS Corporation, Waste Management, Inc.; over 200 top-level MDEQ staffers; local governments and many more. 

Here's a few of the comments we received:

  • What other publications do you subscriber to?: "Several, but this is the one I try to make sure I read." Attorney
  • "Staff do a great job - and have for a number of years.  It is one publication I can count on for accurate reporting.  I can't think of any changes that need to be made." Attorney
  • "Appreciate the concise reporting style....save me time monitoring multiple sites.  Keep up the good work." Consultant
  • "Very user friendly and a lot of information." EH&S Manager
  • "This is a terrific publication.  I use it primarily for Michigan-specific environmental news (caselaw, legislation, enforcement actions, etc.)  Good job." Attorney
  • "Very nice, professional job.  The level of detail is perfect, and the attached links are very important when I need more information." EH&S Manager

Access the complete 2007 WIMS Daily survey results and testimonials (click here).


If you are involved with a state or sub-state association or organization, or a company intranet system; you can provide the benefits of our WIMS Daily service directly to your members or employees.  This service can help your association or organization gain new members, retain existing members and provide a valuable additional benefit to members. 

We can also show you several options for delivering this daily report to your membership; at least one which involves virtually no cost to your association or most of your individual members. Another option allows your association to purchase one subscription at the regular price and then all other subscriptions from your association (no minimum) are at a very reduced rate. All the association has to do is inform its members of the opportunity -- we take care of everything else.

If you would like implement an association program or need additional information on association services, Email us at: info@ecobizport.com.


©2000 - 2016 Waste Information & Management Services, Inc.

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