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  • eGlobalChem.com - The B2B advantage for the specialty chemical industry
  • Chemlocator.com - Dedicated to serving the needs of small to medium sized chemical manufacturers. 
  • ChemDeals.com - Trading system for surplus industrial chemicals, specialty chemicals, and other raw materials.
  • Chemdex - One-stop shop for laboratory supplies
  • ChemChain - Exchange and services for the chemical distribution industry.
  • ChemConnect - Global chemical electronic marketplace providing an open, neutral market for chemical manufacturers, buyers and intermediaries for all types of chemicals. 
  • e-Chemicals - Procurement, sale and distribution of industrial chemicals.
  • ChemACX.Com - Electronic marketplace for chemists and other professionals. 
  • ChemXL - E-commerce site for the chemical industry, offering a quick, easy, online "go to market" strategy for companies who want access to online resources to sell or procure chemicals. 
  • IndigoB2B.com - Industry's first full-service, one-stop specialty chemical e-marketplace. 
  • OneChem - Helping buyers and sellers of chemicals, plastics and derivatives develop fully integrated supply chain management systems.

  • Metalsite - Premier site for buying and selling metals.
  • MetalWorld - A world wide information trading site and was established to promote trade in the Metals Industry.
  • Metal Suppliers Online - Research, buy and sell metals in a marketplace or auction format. 
  • eSteel - Marketplace for prime and secondary products serving the global steel industry.



  • ask4plastic - a plastics global B2B  marketplace / portal / directory of polymer raw materials resin, industrial consumer products, machinery, machine, packaging, mould dies, additives, fillers, master batches, plastic sign printing, recycled plastic waste, scrap, raw materials, products, testing equipment quality control instruments.
  • getPlastic.com - The only site dedicated exclusively to the engineers and purchasing agents who find and buy plastic resins.
  • PlasticsNet.com - A Commerx marketplace for the plastics industry (including resins, materials, equipment and supplies)
  • Plastics Resource - From the American Plastics Council Information about plastics and the environment
  • Omnexus - A customer-focused, independent global e-marketplace for plastics injection molders


Pulp & Paper


  • Efibre.com - The Online Source for Pulp and Paper Fibres.
  • PaperSpace - Global paper trading network
  • PaperLoop.com - Information and business exchange for the paper, printing and converting industries.
  • BuyGoodWood.com - From the Rainforest Action Network (RAN) to encourage American corporations to purchase environmentally ethical forest products.
  • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) - Certification of good forest stewardship practices



Waste, Scrap & Excess Inventory


  • Waste Exchanges (Information & Materials) - Detailed directory from the Southern Waste Information eXchange (SWIX)
  • Waste Exchanges - U.S. EPA listing of State-Specific Exchanges
  • Reuse Development Organization, Inc. (ReDO) - ReDo provides education, training, and technical assistance to start up and operate reuse programs. ReDO is working to create a national reuse network and infrastructure.
  • Recycleinme - Recycle, Buy Sell Scrap, Scrap metals, plastic scrap, Connecting scrap suppliers and buyers. Hundreds of offers to buy and sell scrap. Thousands of Scrap Importers, Exporters and scrap traders

  • Waste Management, Inc. Commodities Exchange 
  • WasteBid -  Offers waste haulers the opportunity to bid for customers who e-mail their waste handling and recycling needs (only Baltimore and Washington metropolitan area at this time).
  • Wastesavers.com - Where commercial waste trash haulers are matched up with businesses who need service (only Boston and New York City areas).
  • Wastedepot.com - Offers waste haulers and waste professionals the opportunity to link with thousands of communities that need those services. 
  • iSalvage.com - Recycled and rebuilt auto parts.  Our mission is to be the world's first choice for products and services for the recycled and remanufactured parts markets.
  • Scrapsite - Buy and sell scrap 
  • Surplus.net - Home of the Internet Marketing Association of Surplus Dealers - (IMASD) 
  • IntercontinentalExchange.com -  [metals and oils] (not available until mid-summer 2000
  • Excess Materials - Global market for buyers and sellers of industrial supplies, metals, textiles, paper and animal hides. Includes both a marketplace and an auction. 
  • EnviroXchange - E-mail service connecting buyers and sellers of commodities which have been traditionally regarded as "wastes" or "used" items.   Also new pollution control products & equipment and services to be added soon.
  • Woodfuel.com - Virtual pipeline connecting all parties in the value-chain and creates an online community within the industry that promotes the efficient use of this valuable renewable energy source. 
  • Recycler's World - Established as a world wide trading site for information related to secondary or recyclable commodities, by-products, used & surplus items or materials.
  • Asia.Recycle.Net - Asia's recycling marketplace.
  • Crumb Rubber - Crumb Rubber Universal Marketing Bureau (C.R.U.M.B.) was established to promote and facilitate trade in the Crumb Rubber Industry.

Professional Services (ASPs, Tracking & Compliance)


  • Analine.com - The world's leading Application Service Provider (ASP) and e-Marketplace for more efficient environmental procurement, compliance tracking and information management. 
  • EnvironMax.com - Environmental and software development expertise providing web enabled tools and technologies to support environmental compliance needs on a global basis.
  • ENI-Net.com - Environmental Network International, Inc. the  business-to-business procurement portal for the environmental and construction industry.  Buyers worldwide use ENI-Net.com to locate, pre-qualify, solicit information and request proposals from suppliers of equipment and services.



    • MarketPing, Inc. - Offers a variety of online solutions to assist buying and selling of pollution control goods and services.
    • yet2.com - is the leading online marketplace that enables interactive technology transfer between corporations, academic institutions, national labs, technology brokers and individual inventors.

    • WCTBid.com (Web Component Trading Ltd.) - Providing technology that empowers companies to buy and sell inventory online

    Misc. & Others


    • AgriSeek.com - Marketplace to aid those in the agricultural field in buying and selling lumber, , farming related jobs, animal products, agrochemicals and a wide range of services.
    • Green Seal - provides credible, objective, and unbiased information whose only purpose is to direct the purchaser to environmentally responsible products and services.
    • Computer & Electronics Recycling - Electronic Industry Alliance (EIA) is developing a web-based resource for electronics recycling.
    • Premier - An alliance of not-for-profit hospitals and healthcare systems including Premier's Safety Institute which provides safety resources and tools to promote a safe healthcare delivery environment for patients, workers, and their communities
    • Website Recycling Company - Buy and sell computers, web infrastructure, software, and websites.
    • Enviro2B.com - European environmental B2B portal
    • Yahoo B2B Marketplace - B2B Search - find products for all industries from many B2B sites.
    • Trucks.com - [New, used & reconditioned refuse vehicles, roll offs and specialty vehicles.
    • Auto.Recycle.Net - The Internet's used vehicle marketplace.
    • Boat.Recycle.Net - The used boat marketplace.
    • Plane.Recycle.Net - The used plane marketplace.
    • Used.Recycle.Net - The Internet's used stuff marketplace.
    • Equip.Recycle.Net - The Internet's used equipment marketplace.
    • CoalCamp - E-commerce for buyers and sellers in the mining industry, offering access to industry information and resources.
    • Manufacturing.net - The Manufacturing e-Marketplace. Researching and buying manufacturing goods and services]
    • MacRAE’s Blue Book - America’s leading industrial website with over 33 million annual visitors; connecting buyers and sellers of industrial products
    • Canadian Trade Index (CTI) - Canada’s leading industrial website with over 9 million annual visitors; connecting buyers and sellers of industrial products
    • Dovebid - Business auctions worldwide.  World's leading auctioneers and capital asset sale advisors
    • iMark.com - eMarketplace for surplus equipment and inventory
    • FreeMarkets -  Online auctions for buyers of industrial parts, raw materials, commodities and services.
    • TradeOut.com -  Marketplace for businesses buying and selling excess inventory and idle assets.
    • PurchasePro - Marketplaces where businesses can buy and sell a wide range of products and services. 
    • Buzzsaw.com - E-commerce services for everyone in the building industry.
    • Camelot - Auctions of quality new and pre-owned industrial equipment at competitive prices. 
    • Commercial Equipment X-Change - GE Capital Commercial Shopping Network.  Search for pre-owned equipment, post equipment want ads for machines you are looking for, or post your own equipment for sale. No charge. Registration required.
    • EquipmentLeasing.com - Marketplace for the buying and selling of capital machinery and equipment.
    • E-Industrials - E-Industrials is the leading global marketplace for industrial products e.g. bearings, belts, gears, hydraulic components, springs, AC motors, and the like. 
    • MaterialNet - Reverse auctions for the purchase of all metals and raw materials. 
    • fob.com - Procurement of manufacturing or process input materials. 
    • IndustrytoIndustry.com - Marketplace, auction and information for energy, chemicals, construction materials and retail equipment.
    • Internet Resale Directory - eMarket for both resale businesses and individuals interested in reselling merchandise on the Internet.
    • Ironmall.com - Live auction site that sells used, heavy construction equipment. 
    • Online Asset Exchange - Trading exchange for used and surplus capital machinery and equipment.
    • PlanetTest.com - Auctions, marketplace and store of test and measurement equipment. 
    • SciQuest.com - Consolidate, track and manage lab supply orders also store and auction.
    • XSmaterials.com, Inc. - The world's leading Internet marketplace directory dedicated exclusively to excess materials, secondary commodities, surplus inventory and other related services. A privately held "C" corporation founded in December of 1999 with corporate headquarters in San Antonio, Texas.


    Green Consumer Products & Services


    • Biobased Manufacturers Association - Biobased products rely upon plant and animal materials as their main ingredients. They are made from a renewable resource and, with some exceptions, they generally do not contain synthetics, toxins or environmentally damaging substances.
    • Biodegradable Products Institute - a multi-stakeholder association of key individuals and groups from government, industry and academia, which promotes the use, and recycling of biodegradable polymeric materials (via composting).
    • Center for a New American Dream - helps Americans consume responsibly to protect the environment, enhance quality of life, and promote social justice.
    • EcoDirectory - The Ultimate Directory of Natural Foods, Green Products and Eco Friendly Services with over 15,000 Business Listings
    • EcoBusinessLinks - Directory for Green Online Shopping & Resources
      Featuring now more than 2,000 handpicked quality green links for a sustainable lifestyle

    • EcoMall - Earth's Largest Environmental Shopping Center Your First Stop to Shop for Green Products That are Good for People and the Environment
    • Green Collar Economy - Going green as businesses will mean new markets, new products, better relationships with customers, less waste and more profit -- a clearing house for those ideas.
    • GREENGUARD Environmental Institute - the resource for healthy indoor environments. The GEI governs the GREENGUARD Certification Program and provides the world’s only guide to third-party certified low emitting interior products and building materials. All certified products undergo quarterly indoor air quality performance testing according to stringent environmental chamber testing protocols and meet current indoor air quality standards.
    • Green Home - Find green alternatives to the products you use every day. Everything you need for a healthy home environment
    • Greenfeet.com - Making it easier to leave smaller, "greener" footprints by providing high-quality, truly natural products that you can trust. 
    • GreenHomeGuide - A community-based guide to environmentally sound home remodeling for Northern California homeowners debuts August 23, 2004
    • Green Pages - Co-op America presents thousands of socially and environmentally responsible products and services
    • Green Power Market Development Group - A collaboration of 12 leading corporations and the World Resources Institute dedicated to building corporate markets for green power. Our goal is to develop corporate markets for 1000 MW of new, cost competitive green power by 2010.
    • PartSelect Appliance Parts - Tips on how to be environmentally conscious with your household appliances
    • Recycled Plastic Products Directory - American Plastics Council and the Environment and Plastics Industry Council of Canada present the U.S. and Canadian Recycled Plastic Products Directory to assist private and public sector buyers in locating products made with or packaged in recycled plastic.
    • Real Goods - Products for an ecologically sustainable future
    • ShopForChange.com - Every time you purchase merchandise from one of our online merchants, we donate 5 percent of the price to nonprofit groups working for peace, equality, human rights, education, and a cleaner environment
    • SustainLane.com - A community-generated guide for living a better life. SustainLane provides fast & easy access to best-of-class information and resources for enjoying a healthier more sustainable life within your community
    • The Green Guide - By the The Green Guide Institute, an independent media service designed to provide news; objective, responsible and accurate information and educational material to consumers and others on environment and health
    • MDEQ EPP Website - Environmentally Preferred products and purchasing
    • Baltix Sustainable Office Furniture - Baltix green office furniture solutions are designed and manufactured with earth-friendly materials that include wheat straw, sunflower hulls, soy flour, recycled plastic containers, recycled newsprint, green MDF powder coated surfaces and post industrial recycled aluminum.
    • TFS Green: Clean Development Mechanism - Information on the Clean Development Mechanism

    Air & Water & Carbon & Environmental Trading



    Green Power


    • Green Power Group - The Green Power Market Development Group is a collaboration of 12 leading corporations and the World Resources Institute dedicated to building corporate markets for green power. Our goal is to develop corporate markets for 1000 MW of new, cost competitive green power by 2010.

    • U.S. EPA Green Power Partnership - A voluntary Partnership between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and organizations that are interested in buying green power.

    • Online Guide to Energy-Efficient Commercial Equipment - From the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), the Guide addresses critical needs in three areas common to commercial buildings: lighting; heating, air conditioning, and ventilating systems; and energy-efficient motors. In addition, office equipment, packaged refrigeration, ice-makers, and even distribution transformers.

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