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Corporate Sponsorships

An Open Letter To Potential Corporate Sponsors

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Dear Potential Sponsor,

Waste Information & Management Services, Inc. (WIMS) launched EcoBizPort.com on Earth Day 2001. That action followed nearly a two-year R&D stage and a beta testing period during which we received input and feed back from a number of interested parties. EcoBizPort is an environmental information Internet portal that provides gateways for Michigan, other state, and national users to access the vast array of environmental resources on the Internet. The site is being upgraded and evolves over time to include new technology and resources.

Our EcoBizPort website and associated Blogs, like the environmental information services we have been providing for since 1980, operate from a totally neutral position on all issues. We are not advocating positions or any specific agenda. The information, and access to it, is not influenced or biased because of business partnerships that prohibit access to competing products, services or information. Very few Internet information portals can claim this level of neutrality in their presentation.

The goal of the WIMS Corporate Sponsorship program is to increase the exposure of your company brand; save you money; and, at the same time, expand your access to our high quality information resources that you're already accustomed to.
We'll put your logo brand (various size banner ads linked to your website) in front of hundreds of MDEQ staffers, environmental managers, consultants, attorneys and Michigan environmental interests each day in our WIMS Daily HotSheet newsletter; and before thousands each month from all over the United States and the world with our Blogs and the environmental business portal -- EcoBizPort.com.
Plus, there's more -- a subscription(s) to the WIMS Environmental HotSheet is included with your Corporate Sponsorship; as well as free redistribution to all of your Michigan offices. Also you get free text announcements in our daily newsletter of meetings, papers, reports, etc that your company is involved in. And, in addition to the general "image ads" that link your brand and our high quality information products which are part of the Corporate Sponsorship package; we will publish your "action ads" as well. Action ads, unlike image ads, are designed to draw an immediate reaction or response -- i.e. register me for this seminar; send me a report; or a response to a specific question. 

And, you get it all for Just $500 per year!

Sponsorship payments must also be made on-line via credit or debit card or PayPal, with no billings (click here).

To become an EcoBizPort corporate sponsor simply respond to this letter and let us know. You can reach us by Email: sponsor@ecobizport.com. Please indicate a contact person that we can communicate with regarding banner ads, company profile information, and other matters related to this sponsorship.

The EcoBizPort website and Blogs average about 10,000 page views per month and the WIMS Environmental HotSheet is read daily by about 150-200 Michigan consultants, attorneys and environmental managers per day.

Thank you very much for your consideration. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments regarding this letter or the EcoBizPort.com website.

Jeff Dauphin

P.S. To get started just email us at: sponsor@ecobizport.com. We can usually insert temporary placement banner ads until you get your final banner ads completed. We can also help in preparing ads if needed. Also, if you have recently paid subscription fees we will prorate a deduction from your Corporate Sponsor fee.




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