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U.S. Government Climate News

More News Highlights & Links

  • UN Climate Change Head Calls For Global Summit  - January 16, 2007: Click on the title to access an eNewsUSA Blog post with details and links to further information
  • Supreme Court Hears Arguments On Historic Global Warming Case - November 29, 2006: Click on the title to access an eNewsUSA Blog post with details and links to further information
  • COP12/MOP2 Climate Conference Concludes - November 17, 2006: Click on the title to access an eNewsUSA Blog post with details and links to further information
  • UK's Stern Report On Impacts & Risks Of Climate Change - Oct 30, 2006: Click on the title for access an eNewsUSA Blog post with details and links to further information
  • Kyoto Industrialized Parties Post 1990–2004 3.3 % GHG Reduction -Oct 30, 2006: Click on the title for access an eNewsUSA Blog post with details and links to further information
  • Post Kyoto Commitments Needed To Stabilize Carbon Markets - Oct 24, 2006: Click on the title for access an eNewsUSA Blog post with details and links to further information
  • Investors Release Global Framework For Climate Risk Disclosure - Oct 11: Access a release from Ceres (click here). Access the Global Framework for Climate Risk Disclosure (click here). Access a Guide to Using the Global Framework for Climate Risk Disclosure (click here).
  • NOAA Reports Recent Cooling Of Upper Ocean - Sep 21, 2006: Click on the title for access an eNewsUSA Blog post with details and links to further information
  • Insurance Industry Response To Global Climate Change - Aug 22, 2006: Click on the title for access an eNewsUSA Blog post with details and links to further information
  • Linkages Between Ozone Layer Depletion & Climate Change - Aug 21, 2006: Access a release from EIA (click here). Access the complete report (click here). [*Climate] [Editor's Note: See WIMS 8/21/06, related article: International Report Sees Delays In Ozone Recovery, posted on the eNewsUSA Blog (click here).]
  • International Report Sees Delays In Ozone Recovery - Aug 21, 2006: Click on the title for access an eNewsUSA Blog post with details and links to further information
  • NE-Mid-Atlantic States Release Final Model GHG Rule - August 16, 2006: Click on the title for access an eNewsUSA Blog post with details and links to further information
  • UNFCCC Awards Kyoto International Transaction Log Contract - August 15, 2006: Click on the title for access an eNewsUSA Blog post with details and links to further information
  • Global Public Opinion On Climate Change & Solutions - Jul 14, 2006: Access the compilation of results posted by Professor Brewer (click here, .doc format). Access the USClimateChange.com website (click here).
  • U.S. Supreme Court Agrees To Hear Global Warming Case - Jun 26, 2006: The case is Massachusetts, et al., v. EPA (Case No. 05-1120). Access the Supreme Court Docket (click here). Access a release from AG Reilly (click here). Access a release from Earthjustice (click here). Access the statement from Senator Inhofe (click here). Access the D.C. Circuit July 15, 2005 opinion and dissents (click here). Access the complete December 2, 2005 opinion and the separate statement by Judge Tatel (click here). Access the EPA Federal Register denial (click here). 
  • European Union Reports GHG Emission Increases - Jun 22, 2006: Access a detailed release including graphs and tables indicating total EU-15 greenhouse gas emissions in relation to the Kyoto target, the full report and background information (click here). Access a release from FOE (click here).
  • US & EU Adopt Principles On Energy & Climate Change - Jun 21, 2006: Access the White House fact sheet (click here). Access the Vienna Summit Declaration summary (click here). Access the CEI release (click here). Access a EurActiv report on the meeting with links to additional information (click here). Access a CNSNews.com article entitled, US, EU Agree to Alternative to Kyoto Protocol (click here). Access the IndEco News on the Kyoto Protocol website for additional information (click here). 
  • Major UN Report On Ozone Layer & Climate System - Apr 11, 2006: Access an IPCC release (click here). Access the Summary report (click here). Access the IPCC website for further information (click here). Access the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) website for additional information (click here).
  • Blair Says Climate Agreement Must Include U.S., India & China - Mar 29, 2006: Access the complete and detailed Blair speech (click here). Access detailed information on the Prime Minister's views and strategy on climate change (click here). Access a lengthy release describing the new U.K. program (click here). Access the U.K. Climate Change Program (click here). Access details of the draft National Allocation Plan for Phase 2 of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (click here). Access the U.K. public climate change website (click here).
  • Panelists Selected For Senate Climate Conference - Mar 28, 2006: The compilation of responses and summary information assembled by the Committee staff is a significant resource of the detailed positions and proposals of various interest groups on the subject of a Mandatory Market-Based Greenhouse Gas Regulatory System. Access a release announcing the panelists (click here). Access links to the Committee compilation of the various submittals (click here). Access the Climate Change White Paper and related documents (click here).
  • EPA Wants Comments On GHG Report, "Inventory of U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sinks: 1990-2004" - Feb 28, 2006: Access the EPA announcement (click here). Access the current report, previous reports and related information (click here). Access the FR announcement (click here).
  • Pew Center Releases GHG Reduction Plan - Feb 8, 2006: Access a release and link to the complete report (click here). Access an executive summary, report brochure, report foreword and company supporting statement on the report (click here).
  • Bipartisan NM Senators' Document On GHG Reduction Program - Feb 2, 2006: Access the Committee website (click here). Access the Climate Change whitepaper (click here). Acces a GHG emissions flow chart (click here).
  • NASA Says 2005 Warmest In A Century - Jan 24, 2006: Access a release with more details and links to additional information (click here).
  • U.S.-Led Asia Pacific Partnership Adopts Work Plan - Jan 12, 2006: Access releases and summary documents from the State Department Information Agency (click here); and (click here); the White House fact sheet (click here). Access various Asian-Pacific documents (click here).
  • Northeast States Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative - Dec 20, 2005: Access the MOU in brief, the complete MOU, FAQs, an RGGI Overview, releases from the states and various supporting materials (click here).

  • Pew Center Summary Of COP11/MOP1 Montreal Meeting - Dec 12, 2005: Access the summary with links to related information (click here). Access the WIMS-EcoBizPort Climate Change issue page for important links and background (click here).
  • Chilly Relations On Global Warming Between U.S. & Canada - Dec 7, 2005: Access links to the latest media coverage (click here). Access a release from CEI on Martin's comments (click here). Access a CEI release on President Clinton's comments (click here). Access the UNFCCC COP11/MOP1 website for complete details (click here).
  • UNFCCC Launches Climate Change Information Network - Dec 5, 2005: Access the CC:iNet (click here). 
  • Venture Will Create Montreal Climate Exchange - Dec 7: Access a joint release (click here). Access the Montreal Exchange website (click here). Access the Chicago Climate Exchange website (click here).
  • 25 Economists Urge U.S. To Act Now On Climate Change - Dec 7:  Access a release from the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) and link to the full economists' statement and list of signers (click here).
  • World Mayors Council On Climate Change Holds First Meet - Dec 5: Access an announcement and links to extensive information (click here).
  • Canadian CEOs Urge Climate Change Action - Nov 17, 2005: Access a release listing the signing companies (click here). Access the Executive Forum website (click here). Access a release on environmental group reactions to the CEOs statement (click here).
  • Climate Change Agreement At G8 Summit at the Gleneagles Hotel in Auchterarder, Scotland - Jul 8, 2005: Access the PM's complete summary of the G8 meeting (click here). Access the complete Climate Change, Clean Energy and Sustainable Development Agreement and the complete Gleneagles Plan of Action: Climate Change, Clean Energy and Sustainable Development  (click here). Access a White House fact sheet on the Agreement (click here). Access a White House fact sheet on the overall G8 meeting accomplishments (click here). 



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