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WIMS - Waste Information & Management Services, Inc. - WIMS
Innovative Environmental Information Services Since 1980

(For Non-Michigan Users)

Association Members & Managers:

If you're accessing this page you've probably received an invitation from us about our association services for eNewsUSA.

Here's how it works.

  1. We send your association an announcement describing eNewsUSA, usually with a sample issue and a few details about our association services.

  2. We provide a link to this website for further details.

  3. An association member or staffer registers the association by filling out a trial offer form.

  4. Register your association here (click here). Be sure to include the name of the association and click "submit" the form. In the comment section include any special instructions. For example: "Start our trial on xyz date."  Otherwise, your trial will begin immediately.

  5. When we receive your registration form we will send you a confirmation and begin your 30-day trail of eNewsUSA. You will receive eNewsUSA between 3-5 PM ET each business day; unless otherwise notified.

  6. During your association trail we grant you permission to redistribute eNewsUSA to any or all of your association members. This will allow your members to become familiar with the service and evaluate it. You may redistribute on your association listserv or email distribution list.

  7. We will notify you at the end of your trial. If you wish to continue the service and make it available to your members, you must respond to our notice indicating you wish to continue.

  8. If you decide to continue, we will enter a master subscription from your association and invoice the association $239 (the regular annual eNewsUSA subscription price). At this point in time your permission to redistribute eNewsUSA is terminated. If you decide not to continue, the trail simply ends and there is no further obligation.

  9. If you continue, and as long as the association maintains its "master subscription," any of your association members may enter an order with us by accessing a special association order form (click here), filling out  the contact information and indicating they are members of your association in the comment section, and purchase eNewsUSA for the special reduced rate of just $99 per year!

  10. When we receive an order with your association name in the "comment" section, we will bill the member just $99. We bill them directly and they make payment to us; so there is no further administrative work or details for the association. We will send the association a notice indicating who has subscribed under your name. You can notify us if there are any discrepancies (e.g. they are not active members of your association).

That's all there is... We've tried to make it as easy as possible with no hassles. Great savings with no minimum number of subscribers. A valuable low-cost service that your members will thank you for.

At your request, we can also supply the association with promotional information and website links so you can inform your members of either the trial or continuing service opportunities.

Need more information about WIMS (click here).

If you have further questions, or would like us to email you references that you may contact about our service, please contact us by email: (click here). Also, we invite you to visit our Corporate Sponsors as an example of the companies that support our work (click on their banners above left).


Waste Information & Management Services, Inc. (WIMS)
Environmental Information Services Since 1980
Publishers of Michigan Waste Report, REGTrak, WIMS Daily & eNewsUSA
Jeff Dauphin, President
767 Kornoelje Dr. NE, Comstock Park, MI 49321-9537
Phone: 231-408-2868
E-Mail:  jd@ecobizport.com