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Corporate Sponsors: $500 annual sponsorship. These sponsorships include significant benefits to the sponsor including multiple subscriptions to the Environmental HotSheet and extensive banner ad exposure on our website, associated blogs and in the daily Environmental HotSheet.  Plus, Corporate Sponsors also receive special event text announcements in the HotSheet to promote their company seminars, briefing, conferences, reports, articles or papers. Sponsorships may also allow you to switch your subscription(s) from a "Publication" budget item to an "Advertising/Marketing" budget item; and provide your company with the double benefit of critical environmental information and deep penetration to your Michigan environmental markets.

Access further details on the Corporate Sponsorship program (click here).


Action Ads & Short Term Banner Branding:

$100 per week (5 consecutive business days). WIMS will insert a linked banner image or text in the WIMS Daily Environmental HotSheet (Michigan Edition) for 5 consecutive days. The image or text may announce a conference, seminar, webinar, briefing, meeting, publication, or other document , event or product or simply link to your company website. Images and text must be professionally acceptable as determined by WIMS. The image or text will be linked directly to your website, webpage or URL of your choice. Images should be .jpg files and may vary in size within 468 pxl x 120 pxl.

Contact us about Advertising Opportunities or Questions: Email info@ecobizport.com


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